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Use xlsread to draw a string which refers to another matrix

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Dear All
I've got an Excel spreadsheet with a matrix which I'd like to read into Matlab. This works well. Now, one of the Values from this matrix in Excel is for example d(2) and I've already got a matrix d in Matlab. How do I have to draw this data out that I can further use it to get the value which is stored in d(2)? Important is that I need the whole matrix from Excel, which means normal numbers and the references to other matrixes.
I tried it with raw and then to convert it with str2num but that doesn't work...
if true
[~,~,A] = xlsread('Daten_jrpd_opt.xlsm','A');
Thanks a lot for your help!

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Mahdiyar on 6 Apr 2015
can you send the execl file and tell me what do you want to see from the excel because I did not understand the question.
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yvlu on 6 Apr 2015
Hi Mahdiyar, thanks a lot for your fast reply!
In the cell A1 is written d(2), after I read the whole matrix into Matlab I like that when I call A(1,1) to get the result 12, so k should be 12...

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