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How to Use Edit Text in GUI in creating a filename?

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Meera il 7 Apr 2015
Commentato: Meera il 8 Apr 2015
Hello Guys,
My problem is how to create a filename through editText in GUI?
t1=str2double(get(handles.Start_Time, 'string')); t2=str2double(get(handles.End_Time, 'string'));
I would like to use these t1 and t2 values in creating a text file name as below
repot_path = fullfile(pathname,'\','TimeSignal_of_' t1 'sec_to_' t2 'sec''.txt');
% finally file name should be like 'TimeSignal_of_3sec_to_4sec.txt'
dlmwrite(repot_path,Data_TBP,'precision', '%.4f','newline','pc');
but I am getting an error.
Kindly please help me.
With Regards; Meera Kunden
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Adam il 7 Apr 2015
Modificato: Adam il 7 Apr 2015
Please format your code in a {} Code block and include any error messages you receive. It takes a lot more effort for us to read through unformatted code and then to find all you say at the end if "I am getting an error".
You shouldn't need to be putting '\' as an argument to fullfile though - one of the purposes of that function is to add in file separators specific to the machine in question.

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 7 Apr 2015
repot_path = fullfile(pathname,['TimeSignal_of_' t1 'sec_to_' t2 'sec''.txt']);
repot_path = [pathname '\TimeSignal_of_' t1 'sec_to_' t2 'sec''.txt'];
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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 7 Apr 2015
Adam: +1, I didn't notice the str2double part. Thanks.
Meera il 8 Apr 2015
Hello Adam & Hardy,
Thank you very much. I got the correct output.
Adam - Thank you for correcting my mistakes in posting the questions.

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