iphone x-ray scanner

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i Venky
i Venky on 28 Oct 2011
I was just wondering how the iPhone x-ray scanner (that scans palms) is working. Does that really send out x-rays? If so, would it not be bad for health?

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Naz on 28 Oct 2011
It works very simple: they play recorded video created from the picture of x-ray scan and as it is playing, they move it along the palm to make an illusion of a scan. Next time if you see it, just tell them to stop moving the phone and you will see, that it continues to "scan". For x-ray scaning you need pretty expensive x-ray tube and couple hundred thousand volts to accelerate electrons. And all that must fit in your phone.
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i Venky
i Venky on 28 Oct 2011
I knew that that would be fake

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