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how to connect existing matlab code (.m) file with app designer in matlab?

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Hello sirs,
I am new in app designers in matlab. i would like to see the results in app designer from my existing program (.m) file. how can i do interact with those 2 file .m) file and with app designer pls?
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Rik il 17 Mag 2023
If your m file is a function, you can simply call it like any other function. If it is a script you should first change that.

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Mrinal Anand
Mrinal Anand il 8 Lug 2023
As Rik mentioned, you can simply call functions from .m files in the App Designer callbacks/functions. Ensure that the App Designer file (.mlapp) and the .m files are in the same folder, if you want to call the functions directly. Otherwise, you would probably have to specify the file path.


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