Polyspace Bug Finder report Project Summary wanted Unreviewed

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Why Polyspace Bug Finder Summary report Table 1.1 Project Summary has Unreviewed files ?How to make Unreviewed in a report become reviewed?

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1111 il 23 Mag 2023
Thank you for your patience
One more question for you,“changing its Status in the user interface” How should this step be done? Is there a specific screenshot to draw on?
Thank you very much。
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Anirban il 23 Mag 2023
When you open a result set in the Polyspace user interface, you see a list of results on the Results List pane. You can click on a result and see further details on the Result Details pane. On the Result Details pane, you can also see that the Status of a result is Unreviewed. You can change it to any one of the other statuses and it will become reviewed. There is a screenshot of this in the above link.

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Anirban il 22 Mag 2023
Table 1.1 in Chapter 1. Bug Finder Summary actually shows the number of unreviewed results, not files. You can convert a result from unreviewed to reviewed by changing its Status in the user interface. For more information, see Address Polyspace Results Through Bug Fixes or Justifications.


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