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How to estimate SoC for using kalman filter (Simscape Battery)

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Hello Everyone,
Currently, I am trying to develop BMS fot battery module. My application is 37V, 950 AH and some series and parallel Arrangement. For example, I am using 20 cells in series connection and trying to measure SoC for using Unscented Kalman filter and SoH in Simscape battery toolbox. My question is that I will use individual SOC (Kalman filter- block) block for each cells or how to arrange so I will get SOC and SOH value for 20 cells. If you have any example so please share it or any method or step to estimation state function ?
Thank you !

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Muskan il 15 Giu 2023
You can refer to the following documentation link for a better understanding:

Xiangchun il 30 Nov 2023
Hi Jigarkumar,
This block State of charge estimator with Kalman filter - Simulink ( supports vectors for inputs such as Current, CellVoltage, and CellTemperature because of the "For Each" implementation within the block if you Look Under Mask. In the aforementioned documentation page, for example, it describes that "Cell voltage, in volt, specified as a scalar for a single cell or a vector for multiple cells. The size of this input port must be equal to the size of the CellTemperature and InitialSOC input ports."
For 20 cells connected in series, a battery module/pack can be quickly built to provide a vectorized voltage signal using Battery Builder, for example, Build Detailed Model of Battery Pack from Cylindrical Cells - MATLAB & Simulink ( The plant model built this way will provide signals and help you test the SOC algorithms implemented.
Best wishes,


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