How to shift streamslice() plot into background?

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Sarah Kessler
Sarah Kessler il 25 Mag 2023
Commentato: Sarah Kessler il 26 Mag 2023
Hello, I want to plot the magnetic field of a body and used the streamslice() function therefore. In addition to that, I want to plot a slice of the body as well using plot() of points and a vector denoting the magnetic reference field B0 with quiver()
% plot magnetic field
s = streamslice(X, Z, Y, Bax_res, Baz_res, Bay_res, [], [], 1);
set(s, 'Color', "#0072BD");
hold on;
% plot points of triangulations of all body parts
plot(all_trs.TR1.Points(:,1), all_trs.TR1.Points(:,3), '.-', 'Color', gs(10,:), 'LineWidth',2);
hold on;
plot(all_trs.TR3.Points(:,1), all_trs.TR3.Points(:,3), '.-', 'Color', gs(6,:), 'LineWidth',2);
hold on;
plot(all_trs.TR2.Points(:,1), all_trs.TR2.Points(:,3), '.-', 'Color', gs(4,:), 'LineWidth',2);
hold on;
plot(all_trs.TR4.Points(:,1), all_trs.TR4.Points(:,3), '.-', 'Color', gs(2,:), 'LineWidth',2);
hold on;
% get B0
% colorbar
J = customcolormap([0 1], {'#000000','#FFFFFF'});
hcb = colorbar;
My problem is, that streamslice() always lands at the top of the plot but I want to have it at the back. I tried things like adding uistack(s,'bottom') or the solution provided here but streamslice() always stays in the front. Is there any other way to move it to the back?

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Dave B
Dave B il 26 Mag 2023
Modificato: Dave B il 26 Mag 2023
I think the issue you're running into here is this last argument you're passing into streamslice. The 1 there is causing the lines to be plotted at z = 1, and your plots/quiver are going at z = 0 (by default). You can fix this by just specifying 0 instead of 1 for this argument.
Reproduction of the problem you see:
load wind
hold on
Visualization to show why it's happening:
hold on
Simple solution:
hold on


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