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repeated condition in a for loop

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m m
m m il 1 Giu 2023
Commentato: Rik il 2 Giu 2023
N = 50000000;
f = 1E6;
DT = 1E-4;
for L = 1:N
T = DT*double(L); % period
a = 0.1;
b =40*T;
i want to add this condition here:
if 0<t<a*b
A = sin(2*pi*f*t)
elseif a*b<t<b
A = 0;
thsi condition should be repeated in the loop for each 40*T, knowing that we have 5000 periods

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Rik il 1 Giu 2023

Conditions like 0<t<a*b should be split in Matlab to 0<t && t<a*b.

Note that your code will be overwriting the result and that it relies on undefined variables.

If you want specific suggestions, you will have to explain what you want.

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m m
m m il 1 Giu 2023
i want to make a condition on this expression A = sin(2*pi*f*t) (A is an excitation )
this expression should be taken into accound only if the condition 0<t<a*b is verfied, if not A sould be zero.
but i have for loop of time (L iteration for time),
b = 40 T with T is the period defined as T = DT* double(L) , with DT is the time step
my objective is to make the excitation A which is sinisoidal excitaion to a pulsed exciation ( by this condition )
i hope this can help
Rik il 2 Giu 2023

Where exactly do you want to define t?

If you want to assign 0 to all other values, you can use the condition in the calculation itself:

A = sin(2*pi*f*t)*double(0<t && t<a*b);

This works for a scalar t.

What do you want to do next? How do you want to use the value of A next?

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