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Cycle basis for large graph

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Tala Dannawi
Tala Dannawi il 5 Giu 2023
Commentato: Tala Dannawi il 16 Giu 2023
I have a graph of around 3 million nodes and 10 million edges.
I want to get the cycle basis of the graph but it runs out of memory when using the command cyclebasis(G).
Is there a way to solve it?
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Tala Dannawi
Tala Dannawi il 6 Giu 2023
Thank you Christine, as you have suggested I tried modifying cyclebasis but got an error (unable to save file, access denied)..
Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler il 7 Giu 2023
You can't modify a file that is part of MATLAB. You could make a copy and modify that.

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Muskan il 15 Giu 2023
Hi Tala,
As per my understanding of the question, when dealing with large graphs such as the one you described, calculating the cycle basis using the cyclebasis(G) command in MATLAB may not be feasible due to memory constraints.
One way to solve this problem is to use a smaller representation of the graph. For example, you could use a sparse matrix representation, which would use less memory than a dense matrix representation
Finally, you could try to reduce the size of the graph by removing some of the edges. This could be done by using a graph simplification algorithm, such as the Kruskal algorithm or the Prim algorithm.
I hope the above information helps resolve your query.

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