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Applying SHAP on a Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

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I am trying to Apply SHAP on a reinforcement Learning Algorithm and I am not sure if MATLAB has the required SHAP packages such as shap.DeepExplainer() which is a python package.
If anyone has any further information on how to apply SHAP on the Neural Network agent of a Reinforcement Learning model, please let me know.
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Mahsa Raeisinezhad
Mahsa Raeisinezhad il 25 Nov 2023
function myAct_ = predict_01(tbl, env)
obsInfo = getObservationInfo(env);
actInfo = getActionInfo(env);
agent = rlPPOAgent(obsInfo,actInfo);
actor = getActor(agent);
actorNet = getModel(actor);
% Get the i-th slice of transposedArray
dataArray = table2array(tbl);
dlObservationsF = dlarray(dataArray, 'C');
% dlObservationsF = dlarray(dataArray(i,:), 'C');
% Predict using the actor network
myAct = predict(actorNet, dlObservationsF);
myAct_ = extractdata(myAct);
myAct_ = max(myAct);
Mahsa Raeisinezhad
Mahsa Raeisinezhad il 25 Nov 2023
The above is how tried to use SHAP in Matlab, I created a function handle of my Neural Network (agent) predictions using the Environment and applied SHAP on each decision, but I still highly recommend transfering to Python and using Python shap packages.

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Mahsa Raeisinezhad
Mahsa Raeisinezhad il 23 Nov 2023
I decided to transfer everything in Python and use python packages. I used ONNX and Tensorflow for transferring everything. Hopefully if I have time in the future I write my own code to create same outcomes in Matlab.

Ive J
Ive J il 23 Nov 2023
Document and refs are clear enough if you're aware enough what your intentions are. Follow this example if you're interested to still stick to MATLAB.

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