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Polyspace Metrics - SoftwareQu​alityObjec​tives report generation

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Dear Experts,
Polyspace version : R2019b
I have 2 projects(Let's call them "A" and "B) which have been verified using Polyspace Bug Finder and Code Prover with Polyspace Metrics(local server on my labtop)
Also, I have customized SQO level and used this well on projcet "A"
Now I involved in the project "B" and tried to apply the custom SQO level to this project.
On the metric web view, the Custom SQO level works very fine.
But when I try the "Reporting->Run Report->" with "SoftwareQualityObjectives(Metrics)", the project "B" shows error on report generation.
Error Generating Report - "Software Quality Objectives"
To generate the Software Quality Objectives report for C/C++ results, explicitly set an SQO level in Access, then re-generate the report. If using Polyspace Metrics, set the SQO level in Metrics and then re-download the results into the user interface.
(I'm sorry that I can't upload any capture due to the company policy...)
In project "A" there is no probelm at all when run the report with "SoftwareQualityObjectives(Metrics)" and I can choose the template at the window "Reporting->Run Report" without adding it by "browse"
However, in project "B", Adding the template by "browse" is required and the error pops up.
Could you please give me a hint or guide to conquer this error?
Thanks in advance,

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Anirban il 27 Giu 2023
I am assuming that you are following the instructions in Customize Software Quality Objectives. If so, your steps should in principle work for all projects on Polyspace Metrics.
Please contact MathWorks Technical Support for more help with this issue. It is unclear from your description in what way project B differs from project A.
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In-Seong Hwang
In-Seong Hwang il 30 Giu 2023
Thanks for the reply.
I had tried to re-setup the metric server and it worked.
I still don't know why the previous setup didn't work but anyway the issue on my side is resolved now.

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