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Does the Matlab 2023a support the NVIDIA RTX 4090-24G GPU device?

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Dear Team,
I would like to ask the currents version matlab 2023a for deep learning.
Doese it support NVIDIA RTX 4090-24G ?
Thanks and Regards!

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Mrinal Anand
Mrinal Anand il 19 Giu 2023
Yes, the 2023a version does support RTX 4090 GPU. You can have a look at the GPU Computing Requirements documentation to get more detailed information about the supported GPUs and Cuda versions.

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Garv Agarwal
Garv Agarwal il 19 Giu 2023
Hi Jennifer,
As per my understanding you are trying to understand if RTX 4090 GPU is supported in MATLAB R2023a.
MATLAB 2023a supports all NVIDIA GPU’s with computational capability 3.5 to 9.x
As per NVIDIA’s website RTX 4090 has a computational capability of 8.9 so it is supported by MATLAB.
You can check the specific properties of your GPU in MATLAB by running the following command –
tbl = gpuDeviceTable(["Index","ComputeCapability",...
Which will give you details like the list of all GPUs in use, their available memory, processor count and compute capability.
For more information, you can refer to the following documentation on GPU Computing Requirements - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks India

Lakshya il 19 Giu 2023
A quick search suggests that RTX 4090-24G has a compute capability of 8.9 and MATLAB 2023A can support upto 9.x. So NVIDIA RTX 4090-24G should be supported.
You can refer to the below article for more details.
Hope this helps


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