The source code lines involved in the MISRA violation do not appear in the txt export result file

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Hi all, I am using Polyspace Bug Finder as a tool for the MISRA check. I have a question.
Why in the export of all results in txt format does the line of code involved in the violation not appear while in the report in html format it does?

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Anirban il 27 Giu 2023
Are you generating the HTML report and the text file from the user interface? Otherwise, if you are using the commands polyspace-report-generator and polyspace-results-export to create these files, could you state which options you are using with these. This is just to check if you are using any special option with the polyspace-report-generator command
Also, are you able to see the line number in the Results List on the user interface?
You can also contact MathWorks Technical Support for more help with the issue.




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