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I Want to craeat GUI which can input my picture.jpg and 4 parameters
the following is my coding (puttom callback)
imgage = imread('SCM2 Data.jpg');
num1 = str2double(get(handles.edit1, 'String'));
num2 = str2double(get(handles.edit2, 'String'));
num3 = str2double(get(handles.edit3, 'String'));
num4 = str2double(get(handles.edit4, 'String'));
res= ((num1 ./ num2 - 1) ./ (num3 ./ num4 - 1) ./ (num3 ./ imgage - 1) + 1) .* num2;
set(handles.edit5, 'string',num2str(res))
what i should do or edit my process , by the way if i dont put image it can runs go well
thanks for Ur help and read

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Jan il 13 Lug 2023
res is a numerical array. You cannot insert it as string in handles.edit5. Display an image in an axes as image object.
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bozheng il 13 Lug 2023
Modificato: bozheng il 13 Lug 2023
can you tell me what I should do,please but my picture has data information

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