Polyspace bug finder creates wrong options file via cmd call but via GUI it is valid

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Hey guys,
I would like to run my polyspace analysis via a cmd call using a make file (created with S32DS) from our project. For this I followed the instructions from the manual on the following website https://de.mathworks.com/help/bugfinder/ug/run-analysis-from-the-command-line.html (Create Options File from Build System).
The call looks like:
polyspace-configure -easy-debug <Pfad> -output-options-file compile_opts C:\\NXP\S32DS.3.4\eclipse\eclipsec.exe -application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild -data <ProjectPath> -cleanBuild <ModulePath>
Unfortunately, the options file cannot be executed with polyspace-bug-finder, because the option -dialect is created here, which is then displayed as error "unknown". Furthermore, an incorrect compiler is detected. To verify this error I built the project with the same build command but this time via the GUI and the options file created is correct.
Now my question is why there is this difference at all and how do I get the same result from the GUI with a cmd execution?

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Anirban il 20 Lug 2023
The option -dialect is an old option that has been renamed to -compiler. Can you see if changing the option -dialect to -compiler helps you work around the issue? The old option name should not have been generated and might be a specific bug you ran into.
You also mention that the compiler name is incorrect. What is the correct compiler name and what is the incorrect name generated?
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Andreas il 24 Lug 2023
Indeed, I accidentely used different versions of Polyspace due to environment variable settings.
Thank you!

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