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File Exchange Submission - updating someone else's project

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I downloaded someone else's content through the FileExchange. I then made significant changes to the code (I would say at least 90% of the original code is gone). There is still original content by the original author (specifically, the visual aspects - this is a gui project).
I've tried contacting the original author multiple times, with no response in 3 months (I received one e-mail at the beginning of me working on it, and nothing since).
So, if I want to submit this to the file exchange, what do I need to do to? Is just recognizing the original author acceptable?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 1 Nov 2011
You have to follow the terms of the license. I do not know if there are still any contributions that predate Mathworks' requirements that each contribution at least offer the BSD license.
If the license terms allow you to use and adapt the code and publish the revised code, then you should recognize the original author, and you should clearly indicate in the source that portions of the source are copyright by the original author and used under permission of (the appropriate license)


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