C2000 MCAN code for TMS320F28003x

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Joshua il 14 Ago 2023
Risposto: Aman Banthia il 31 Ago 2023
Good Morning,
I have a TMS320F280039C launchpad and I am trying to set up the CAN FD or MCAN for the code generation. I have been using the simulink code generation for about 6 months now and have been able to use CAN for different microcontrollers in the 28002x family, however we now have a need for using the CAN FD. Thus we have a 28003x MCU. Unfortunately, I do not see the MCAN recieve and transmit blocks. I have reached out to TI as well and the link to that forum is below. Pleae let me know if there is anything additional to get the MCAN to work as I am able to generate code with CAN on this MCU.

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Aman Banthia
Aman Banthia il 31 Ago 2023
Hello Joshua,
I understand that you are trying to use the MCAN receive and transmit blocks for TMS320F280039C.
This feature is not supported right now.
You can use the MCAN feature in 2838x M4core which is CAN FD.
Please refer to the following link to access the 2838x M4core documentation: Model Configuration Parameters for Texas Instruments F2838x (ARM Cortex-M4) - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks India
Hope this resolves your query.
Aman Banthia

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