How to deal with Polyspace BugFinder and software variants?

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I want to analyze software which can be build in different variants. These variants are defined by compiler flags.
To analyze all of these variants, I configured one Polyspace project each, which leads to a lot of overhead. Is there any better solution to deal with this?

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Anirban il 23 Ago 2023
You can create multiple configurations in the same project, like this:
In the Polyspace user interface, you can right-click a configuration, select Copy Configuration to and copy to the same module. Then, in the new configuration, you can change the options that are different for the software variant that you want to analyze. Alternatively, you can also right-click and select Create New Configuration to create a configuration from scratch and add options.
You can rename configurations with a right-click option to remember which configuration represents which software variant.




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