using .json pretraind model in matlab

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Amir Azadeh Ranjbar
Amir Azadeh Ranjbar il 4 Set 2023
and now i have two files: 1)model.json 2)group1-shard1of1.bin
how can i use this pretrined model in matlab
or convert this pretrained model to .h5 model

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Shreeya il 5 Set 2023
Hi Amir
You can import a pretrained JSON/h5 model in matlab as a neural network using the "importKerasNetwork".The argument passed to the function is the file name of the model you wish to import. It returns a pretrained keras neural network which can be used for further prediction tasks.
Hope this helps.
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Shreeya il 6 Set 2023
Try passing in the .bin file as the 'WeightFile' argument.
Amir Azadeh Ranjbar
Amir Azadeh Ranjbar il 12 Set 2023
modelfile = 'model.json';
weights = 'group1-shard1of2.bin';
net = importKerasNetwork(modelfile,'WeightFile',weights, ...
Error using nnet.internal.cnn.keras.importKerasNetwork
Error reading Keras model_config from file 'model.json'. The error message
was: 'Unrecognized field name "keras_version".''

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