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Importance of predictors within an Optimizable GPR model

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Hello everyone,
related with a previous topic I posted (, I'd like to know if is it possible to find the predictor importance from my model at a global level ? something as shown in the first plot of here but not for an individual queryPoint but the whole model
thanks again!

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Ive J
Ive J il 11 Set 2023
It's almost always good to look at both local and global levels. In case of lime or SHAP, you can calculate on a random subset of your training dataset, and take the average SHAP (this can be quite computationally heavy for GPR though).
numSample = 1000; % for 1000 randomly selected observations
shap_idx = randsample(1:height(x_train), numSample);
shap_train = x_train(shap_idx, 1:end-1); % x_train is a table, and target variable is the last col
explainer = shapley(yourGPRmodel, shap_train, UseParallel=true); % check other arguments, e.g. if categorical features are there
shap = zeros(size(shap_train, 1), size(shap_train, 2));
for k = 1:size(shap_train, 1)
explainer = fit(explainer, shap_train(k, :), UseParallel=true);
shap(k, :) = explainer.ShapleyValues.ShapleyValue;
shap_mean_abs = mean(abs(shap), 1)';
On a global level you can try
doc plotPartialDependence
Also check ICE plots for the above, for individual observations.

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