Why does my MATLAB Compiler 4.15 (R2011a) generated program which contains a TIMER object not execute in an expected manner?

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I compiled a MATLAB program with a TIMER object to an executable file, but the executable file does not work correctly. The MATLAB program works well inside MATLAB desktop.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 21 Set 2023
This issue is due to how the deployed application determines when to stop executing. The callback function of the TIMER object stops when the function written exits normally.
To resolve this issue, you can prevent your application from terminating by using the built-in function 'waitforcallbacks' as demonstrated in the 'testTimer.m' attached.
The attached file is valid for MATLAB R2011a. For later versions, replace 'waitforcallbacks' with 'waitfor' in order to make the function work. 

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