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write a matrix in the form AX=RBX

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MADHVI il 16 Ott 2023
Commentato: MADHVI il 25 Ott 2023
% Write matrix of form AX=R*B*X with X contains A(k) and B(k) are eigenvectors
% conditions k = 1 to 10; n = 1 to k and n not equal to k
-(2+(pi*h/H)^2)*A(1)+A(2)-(h*R/2)*B(2) = 0
-(2+(pi*h/H)^2)*B(1)+B(2)+(h/2)*A(2)+(2*H*h/pi^2*xi)*symsum(n*(A(n+1)-A(n-1)),n,1,k and n not equal to k) = 0
for k =2:8
A(k-1)-(2+(k*h*pi/H)^2)*A(k)+A(k+1)-(h*R/2)*(B(k+1)-B(k-1)) = 0
B(k-1)-(2+(k*h*pi/H)^2)*B(k)+B(k+1)+(h/2)*(A(k+1)-A(k-1))+(2*H*h/pi^2*xi)*symsum(n*k*(A(n+1)-A(n-1)),n,1,k and n not equal to k) = 0
A(8)-(2+(9*h*pi/H)^2)*A(9)+(h*R/2)*B(8) = 0
B(8)-(2+(9*h*pi/H)^2)*B(9)-(h/2)*A(8)+(2*H*h/pi^2*xi)*symsum(9*n*(A(n+1)-A(n-1)),n,1,k and n not equal to k) = 0
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Yash il 25 Ott 2023
Hi Madhvi,
There is still some confusion regarding the problem that you are trying to solve. Based on the information provided, here is what I have understood:
  1. There is a matrix equation of the form: A*X = R*B*X.
  2. There are two variables to iterate, "n" and "k". "k" varies from 1 to 10 and "n" varies from 1 to k-1.
  3. Variables "h", "H", "A", "R", "B", and "xi" are known, and the goal is to compute the value of "R".
  4. There is a summation expression that you are attempting to code.
However, the code you provided is not clear or understandable. To assist you further, it would be helpful if you could provide a properly documented problem statement. Since the expression is not readable, kindly provide a documented (handwritten or typed) expression that you are trying to code.
MADHVI il 25 Ott 2023
Thank you for the response.
I need to write the following equation attached below in the matrix form in Matlab.

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