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Which Linux kernel is compatible with Simulink Desktop Real-Time?

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I am trying to run simulink code based on Desktop Real-Time (R2023b) in a Ubuntu 20.04 based distribution, but the kernel installation is not as easy as it is in Windows...
First I tried installing it from the command line using sldrtkernel -install and it returned the next error:
Error: The Linux kernel version of your system is not compatible with Simulink Desktop Real-Time. Please update your operating system.
Next, I tried upgrading the kernel (to 6.5.7-060507-generic), and now the error is as follows:
Error using sldrtkernel>RunInstaller
Unsupported Linux kernel build: "Ubuntu-6.5-gcc-13".
Error in sldrtkernel>sldrtk_setup (line 127)
result = RunInstaller(prompt, 'install');
Error in sldrtkernel (line 64)
retval = sldrtk_setup(prompt);
Both errors are well documented in the Simulink Desktop Real-Time user's guide, but there's no clear solution to make it work.
Of course, Matlab can't make a Desktop Real-Time kernel for each and every Linux kernel, but is it possible to have a list of supported kernel versions so that users can upgrade/downgrade their kernel to make it work?
Could any Linux user currently using Simulink Desktop Real-Time mention the kernel version they are using?

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 23 Ott 2023
Hi Diego,
please see the folder names in toolbox/sldrt/kernel/glnxa64 . They correspond to supported kernel versions. For Ubuntu 20.04, please use either the 5.4 or the 5.15 kernel. The first is the initial kernel release for 20.04 (also known as GA), the second is the latest HWE kernel at the time the R2023b release was finished.
Good Luck, Jan
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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 31 Ott 2023
Hi Diego,
the installer "sldrtkernel" is a MATLAB function which calls some Linux system commands. The error is issued by the MATLAB function. Could you please do this:
dbstop in sldrtkernel at 519
dbstop in sldrtkernel at 677
and post on which line the error was reported? This will help to distinguis which of the mutiple compatibility checks has failed.
Also, you may want to contact MathWorks support with the issue. This way, it gets to the development team the official way.
Diego il 6 Nov 2023
Hi Jan,
The code enters inside the "if" block at line 677, so it's triggering EFAULT error that is returned for kernel incompatibility. Do you have any idea of why this happens?
All error info I get is what I answered you in October 25th.
I'll contact MathWorks support.

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