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Error using indexing Too many output arguments.

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Syazana il 29 Ott 2023
Modificato: the cyclist il 29 Ott 2023
Hello! I have an error went I run this code. Its show "Error using indexing Too many output arguments." Initially its can be run until I added some this equation that I bold here and its become error. Anyone can help me to fix this error or give some idea to make this equation becomes more simple bcause its only 10% from the whole equation.
syms s1 c1 c2 s2 c3 s3 c4 s4 n1 n2 n3 b1 b2 b3 real
B = [c2.*c3.*c4-s2.*s4 -c2.*s3 c2.*c3.*s4+s2.*c4;s1.*s2.*c3.*c4+c1.*c4.*s3+s1.*s4.*c2 -s1.*s2.*s3+c1.*c3 s1.*s2.*s4.*c3+c1.*s3.*s4-s1.*c2.*c4; -c1.*s2.*c4.*c3+s1.*s3.*c4-c1.*c2.*s4 c1.*s2.*s3+s1.*c3 -c1.*s2.*s4.*c3+s1.*s3.*s4+c1.*c2.*c4]
B = [c2.*c3.*c4-s2.*s4, -c2.*s3, c2.*c3.*s4+s2.*c4;
s1.*s2.*c3.*c4+c1.*c4.*s3+s1.*s4.*c2, -s1.*s2.*s3+c1.*c3, s1.*s2.*s4.*c3+c1.*s3.*s4-s1.*c2.*c4;
-c1.*s2.*c4.*c3+s1.*s3.*c4-c1.*c2.*s4, c1.*s2.*s3+s1.*c3, -c1.*s2.*s4.*c3+s1.*s3.*s4+c1.*c2.*c4]
b1 = [1 0 0]'
b2 = [0 1 0]'
b3 = [0 0 1]'
n1 = [1 0 0]'
n2 = [0 1 0]'
n3 = [0 0 1]'
g=9.81; mB=1.1111; PB=0.19336;
Nv1Bstar_1 = (mB.*g.*PB.*(((b2.*B.*n3').*(c4.*s2))-((b1.*B.*n3').*(c2.*s3))-((b1.*B.*n3').*(c4.*s2))+((b3.*B.*n3').*(c2.*s3))+((b2.*B.*n3').*(s2.*s4))-((b3.*B.*n3').*(s2.*s4))-((b2.*B.*n3').*(c2.*c3.*c4))+((b3.*B.*n3').*(c2.*c3.*c4))-((b1.*B.n3').*(c2.*c3.*s4)))-((b2.*B.*n3').*(c2.*c3.*s4))))

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the cyclist
the cyclist il 29 Ott 2023
Modificato: the cyclist il 29 Ott 2023
I'm guessing that in the expression
you intended
The specific error is because the syntax you used would try to access B.n3 as if it were a field of a structure array.

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