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I have done with image deblurring and now i want to get a emotion of a face with box design

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% Load the original image
Ioriginal = imread('greyface1.jpg');
title('Original Image');
% Define the motion blur point spread function (PSF)
PSF = fspecial('motion', 21, 11);
% Convert the original image to double
Ioriginal = im2double(Ioriginal);
% Apply motion blur to the original image
blurred = imfilter(Ioriginal, PSF, 'conv', 'circular');
title('Blurred Image');
% Restore the blurred image without noise
wnr1 = deconvwnr(blurred, PSF);
% Calculate the absolute differences between the original and restored images
err = imabsdiff(Ioriginal, wnr1);
% Display the restored image
title('Restored Blurred Image');
% Create a histogram of the absolute differences
title('Histogram of Absolute Differences');

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Shreeya il 13 Gen 2024
I'm assuming that after all the required image processing, you want to detect the facial emotion in the image. The MATLAB file exchange linked below employs deep learning for this purpose:

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