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MATLAB/Simulink Onramp's progress displays incorrectly like 0 in a web browser

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The progress display for MATLAB/Simulink Onramp shows incorrectly in a web browser. In order to get certificates, I visited the course page online:
Even though I have completed the courses, the self-paced course progress is displayed as 0.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 17 Nov 2023
Modificato: MathWorks Support Team il 17 Nov 2023
In order to get the correct progress in the self-paced course progress, please click the link 'Select a different language or release' under the 'Share Certificate & Progress'.
Note: If you want to use Simulink courses on your desktop, please check which version has the correct progress you implemented then continue using that same desktop version.

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