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How do I debug a login issue to Polyspace Access?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 15 Nov 2023
The first step is to get licenses information since it could be a cause of the login issue.
To investigate a license issue, get the FlexLM logs in order to see if there is a problem with the licenses and if the license server can be reached from the Docker containers used by Polyspace Access. The FlexLM logs will contain messages with error codes (for example -15 for a connection issue) and a timestamp.
FlexLM server logs are stored in a directory specified during the installation or configuration of the FlexLM license server. The log file is often named something like "lmgrd.log" or "flexlm.log".
You can also take a look at the file MLM.opts used to enable NNU licenses to know the list of users that can access Polyspace Access.
If you are unable to detect a problem, you can contact the MathWorks support.
In your request, provide the files mentioned above (FlexLM logs, MLM.opts, license file).
Technical support will also need the Polyspace Access debug files. To get these files, follow this article:

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