Connecting with 280049C launchpad

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Joshua il 28 Nov 2023
Risposto: akshatsood il 6 Dic 2023
I am having an error about left hand rule when trying to connect with the 280049C Launchpad. I left the hardware settings as default as shown in the pictures attached. I have used the 28388D, 280025C Launchpad, and the 280039C launchpad without this issue. Any help is appreciated thank you!

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akshatsood il 6 Dic 2023
I understand that you are encountering challenges when attempting to connect to the 280049C Launchpad. In reference to the attached snapshot, the error message indicates the following.
The left-hand side of a . operator must be a valid scope identifier
This error message has been discussed in the "TLC Error Handling" documentation page. It is important to understand the possible reasons behind the error and how to address it effectively. To access the documentation, please refer to the following link.
If the issue persists, do refer to the following MATLAB Answers, where similar problem has been raised and discussed along with various workarounds to address it.
I hope this helps.

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