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Simulink Desktop Real-Time Analog support for custom NI boards

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The simulink block "Simulink Desktop Real-Time > Analog Input" has a fixed list of supported IO boards including many of national instruments.
I am looking for support for the following card, that is not listed under the available boards: National Instruments(TM) PCIe-6374.
The card is available in the "Data aquisition toolbox > Analog Input" block.
Is it possible to extend the currently existing drivers to add support for this card in the Simulink Real-Time blocks?
best regards

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 2 Dic 2023
Hi Fabian,
if you are OK with using the Connected IO mode of Simulink Desktop Real-Time, you can try to use the block Data Acquisition Toolbox. If you need to use the Run In Kernel mode, please contact MathWorks support to ask if support for your board can be added. The native driver for Simulink Desktop Real-Time that can run in both Connected IO and Run In Kernel can only be created by MathWorks.
Best Regards, Jan




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