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Rate control algorithm in 802.11 system-level simulation

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I want to simulate wireless mesh network with 802.11 ax nodes.
However, it seems like the MCS of each link is constant during the simulation.
1. Is there any implemented data rate control algorithm in MATLAB such as Minstrel and ARF?
If so, how can I configure the algorithm to the mesh nodes?
2. When AP A is connected with AP B and C, can AP A use the different MCS levels when transmit frames to AP B and C?
ex) AP A transmits frames to AP B with the MCS 1, and AP A transmits frames to AP C with the MCS 5
Best regards.

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Jaynik il 14 Dic 2023
Hi Junyong,
I understand that you are seeking rate control algorithms such as "Minstrel" or "ARF" to configure them to the mesh nodes. Additionally, you are interested in determining the feasibility of using different MCS levels to transmit frames to various access points.
MATLAB does have helpers called “rateAdaptationMinstrelNonHT.m” and “rateAdaptationARF.m” to create objects of “Minstrel” and “ARF” algorithms respectively. You can look upon these algorithms using the “edit” command. To configure the mesh nodes with these algorithms, you can create an object with the number of nodes as parameters using the helpers mentioned.
“Minstrel” algorithm is for Non-HT PHY Tx Format. While the legacy Non-HT Wi-Fi standards do not inherently support dynamic adjustment of Modulation and Coding Scheme (MCS) levels between access points, in a simulation environment using MATLAB, you will need to create custom models and algorithms to emulate the behavior of using different MCS levels between access points.
You can refer the following examples to learn more about how to use rate level algorithms and modelling 802.11 ax network:
You can refer the following documentation to read more about the “edit” command:
Hope this helps!


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