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how to animate a DES system in simulink

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mohammed il 6 Dic 2023
Risposto: Jaynik il 12 Dic 2023
i have seen these two examples
provided from matlab:
Modeling Hybrid Systems - Tank Filling
Using Custom Visualization for Entities
both of them are animating the system and the entity movement from one server to another.
am new to simulink and i was wondering if there is a detailed vidoe or manual on how to implement similar work
Thank you

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Jaynik il 12 Dic 2023
Hi Mohammed,
I understand that you want to animate systems in Simulink.
To start with animations, you can explore and understand the basics of MATLAB Graphics and Animation. Then you can start exploring the code from the example of “Using Custom Visualization for Entities”. You can directly get the example with this command:
Once you understand the graphics and animation part, you can move on to the Simulink “simevents” part. To create such custom visualizations, you first need to create custom observers using the “simevents.SimulationObserver” object. You can then create a callback function or use a MATLAB function block to call your animation from Simulink.
You can read more about these blocks here:
Hope this helps!


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