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Bach il 12 Dic 2023
Risposto: Jaynik il 27 Dic 2023
I am trying to connect an NI Elvis III device to Matlab (and Simulink). However, the current NI-DAQmx only supports Elvis IIs, so I am wondering if there is another way to achieve this.

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Jaynik il 27 Dic 2023
Hi Bach,
I understand that you want to connect an "NI ELVIS III" device to MATLAB. Currently, there is no direct way to connect it through the "Data Aquisition Toolbox".
However, you can explore the toolkits for "ELVIS III" provided by "NI". It will most likely include the APIs or SDKs that you can use to interface with the hardware. I recommend reviewing the documentation for the specific toolkit to determine compatibility with MATLAB. If it includes a C/C++ API, you could use MATLAB's MEX files to call functions from the API.
Additionally, if the "NI Elvis III" supports communication through standard protocols like Serial, TCP/IP, or UDP, you can establish direct communication using MATLAB scripts. The "Instrument Control Toolbox" provides functions for setting up and managing these types of communications. You would need to know the communication protocol and command set for the "NI Elvis III" to implement this.
For more information on integrating C++ with MATLAB and using the "Instrument Control Toolbox", please refer to the following links:
Hope this helps!


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