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How to phase shift a non sinusoidal signal in Simulink

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I am working on clark transformation of a power signal in simulink. Actually I get the Alpha domain signal, for getting Beta domain signal I have to phase shift the Alpha signal by 90 degree. In simulink I know how to phase shift a pure sinusoidal signal but my signal is non sinusoidal type. I have tried to use phase shift and complex phase shift blocks from SimRF directory and Communication System Toolbox directory respectively. Use of complex phase shift block give me the error " invalid data type" while phase shift's block connections are not compatible with the connections of Typical Simulink block. kindly some one help me to sort out this problem. Thanks in advance.

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi il 8 Gen 2024
One would need to use Phase Locked Loop ( PLL ) to determine the phase angle of the signal and then you can phase shift the angle by the degree you want.


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