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Simlink example “Heat Conduction Through Iron Rod”

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I’m struggling a little bit with the Simlink example “Heat Conduction Through Iron Rod”.
Unfortunately, the example can’t be loaded via “openExample('simscape/HeatConductionThroughIronRodExample')”.
Maybe this is because of my older Matlab Version (2021b).
Is more detailed documentation of the example available?
I can’t identify every library component. Subsequently, I added an image with the unclear components.
Best regards

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi il 9 Gen 2024
From Left to Right : T_5 is To Workspace block it is connected to Demux block which is connected to Scope.
Cyl 2 (not entirely sure but you can try modelling, i don’t have license to try) is normal port which has multiple elements connected to it.
And no that’s the only explanation available in the documentation unfortunately.

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