How to control the curvature of each edge when drawing graph object?

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I draw a graph following the link ( )
However, I want to edit the curvature of each edge as different values.
How can I assign the degree of curvature in each edge?
Thank you!

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Matt J
Matt J il 10 Gen 2024
You do not have any direct control over how the edges are drawn. You do have control over the X,Y postiions of nodes, however, so conceivably, you could insert a lot of subnodes along the edges at desired X,Y locations so as to trace out a particular curve.

Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler il 10 Gen 2024
The curvature of the edges in this plot aren't controllable. You could turn off the edges from the graph plot, and use the plot command to instead draw your own edges. The coordinates of each node are available through the XData, YData properties.


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