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How to switch from using .dll to .so file with loadlibrary?

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I am trying to interface with a Signal Hound SM200C. Our entire development up to this point has been in Windows but for deployment of this software, we need to run Linux. Attached is the copy of the classdef provided by Signal Hound that is the interlayer between the C++ API and MATLAB. The classdef currently only works for windows because it imports a .dll with the loadlibrary function. How would I switch to using the provided shared object file given by simulink to run on Linux?

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Shreeya il 8 Mag 2024
From your question I infer that you are using the "loadlibrary" function to load a shared library. A quick look at the documentation suggests that the input to the loadlibrary is a .dll file in windows and a .so file in linux. So if the problem is that you are not able to load the .so file, it may be due to a path issue. You can take a look at the input argument type and example usage in the link below:
Let me know if my understanding of your question is correct or if you need further help.


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