Can a MATLAB home license be tied to a dongle?

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I am retired, so I no longer have access to shared MATLAB licenses from my former employer. One day a year, for several years prior to retiring, I delivered a workshop to middle school students which introduced them to MATLAB. The annual event, called Expanding Your Horizons (See Expanding Your Horizons at Berkeley), is intended toward getting students interested in STEM subjects.
I am considering purchasing a MATLAB Home License. Can such a license be tied to a dongle? This would make it easy to have different EYH workshop leaders use the same license on their own PCs.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico il 9 Feb 2024
Spostato: Steven Lord il 9 Feb 2024
You should contact customer support directly and ask your question. Answers is not that. Support may be able to offer an idea that would work for your situation.
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Susan Barich
Susan Barich il 9 Feb 2024
Thanks for the suggestion. I learned from customer support that dongles are no longer supported for licensing.

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