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How to give an array of steering wheel and longitudianl velocity to vehicle body 3DOF single track model

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I have steering wheel and longitudinal velocity values stored in an array with size (458332). And i am trying to give these values to the vehicle 3DOF single track model in simulink. However, I have encountered with the error:
Inferred size ('[5]') for data 'yOut' does not match specified size ('[3]').
Simulink cannot determine sizes and/or types of the outputs for block 'VehicleModel/Vehicle Body 3DOF Single Track/vehicle model' due to errors in the block body, or limitations of the underlying analysis. The errors might be inaccurate. Fix the indicated errors, or explicitly specify sizes and/or types for all block outputs
I am unable to understand what is the cause as i have checked the dimensions and the data types. I am providing the data sets and the simulink model in the attachment. Any guidance would be really helpful.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 21 Feb 2024
Use a "From Workspace" block, specify the data as [Dataset.tout, double(Dataset.Steeringangle)]

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