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How do you use App designer to read files from a folder, list the name of the variable stored, select them and save in CSV

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I need an app that is able to look inside a .mat file, list the variable stored in there, select the ones that needs to be and save them in a directory tht needs to be selected too. It is a workplace were not everybody are able to use matlab. I was thinking at an easy way to do that.

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Shreeya il 27 Feb 2024
To load mat files and perform operations on them using the app designer, you can use, for example, the button component and define a callback function for a click event. Load the mat file as an app property as follows:
% Button pushed function: Button
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
app.file = load('file.mat');
Further, you can implement the other required functionalities in the callback functions of same/other components which can access the file contents using the app.file property. Refer to the following link to learn more:
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Fabio il 27 Feb 2024
It does not work, below the error. But more than this, the button is to load a file I know the name. What I am looking for is something really different. After clicking the button (or whatever is good for the following) a sort of menu needs to be opened, showing directories and files so I can change directory and choose the file I need to.
Unrecognized property 'file' for class 'app1'
% Button pushed function: LoadmatfileButton
function LoadmatfileButtonPushed(app, event)
app.file = load('240220_115913.mat');

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