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High-Fidelity Motor design

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Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali il 28 Feb 2024
Risposto: Shreshth il 7 Mag 2024
Hey community members,
I'm writng to ask for your suggestions here. I want to model an electric bike in simscape with high-fidelity inverter and motor. I have already modelled an inverter which is working correctly, but when it comes to motor, im looking for 5-6Kw of motor.
  1. In pre-parameterized motors, the power and required torque are not up to my requirements.
  2. If I parameterized it myself, then all the data which needs to parameterize motor block sets are not given in the datasheets.
  3. I want to calculate motor losses over a wide range of operating points.
What would you guys suggest, should I do in this situation?
Should I design my own motor in another software like ansys and co-simulate it with matlab.
I would be looking forward to your suggestions.
Thank You !

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Shreshth il 7 Mag 2024
Hello Hassan,
Modelling a motor with customized parameters in Simscape involves several steps, leveraging the flexibility and power of the Simscape environment to accurately represent the motor's physical and electrical characteristics.
If you have finalized the motor specifications, Selected a Motor Block from Simscape and have set the basic parameters, You can proceed for advanced customization.
For power and torque control, you can refer to this Mathworks Example:
Further to seek more guidance on designing a Electric bike in Simscape you can refer to the below MathWorks Examples:
Shubham Shreshth

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