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How do I get to repeat the below vector one behind another like a train for a fixed interval

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I have previously defined this vector for (1 x 10000) length.
But I need to make this vector repeat like a train for 20 times.
Thank you!..

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Shreeya il 28 Feb 2024
You can refer to the example code below which concatenates the temp array for 10 times. The parameters can be tuned for your use case accordingly.
N = 10; % Times to repeat
L = 3; % Size of the array which needs to be repeated
EL = zeros(1,N*3); % Prellocation for performance
temp = [1,2,3]; % Array which needs to be repeated
for i = 1:L:L*N
EL(i:i+L-1) = temp;


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