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Errors in file extraction during matlab installation that cannot be solved

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A student of mine with her own Mathworks account is having many difficulties in installing matlab and she mas not yet succeeded in installing Matlab on her laptop (Asus Laptop Sonic Master intel core i3 (10th gen) Windows 10 64bit 8GB RAM CPU 1.2Ghz with 329 GB free on her C disk). I am attaching a screenshot of the error she typically gets when she installs matlab. When she downloads the files, the first part of the downloading process succeeds and the error appears in the second part (every time at different progress parts of the process, sometimes even when >90% is done). She has tried different internet connections and it seems to happen regardless of internet connection strengths. She has also tried to do the installation thru a different account but that did not help either. She tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling anew and that did not help either. Restarting the computer did not help either.
We would be grateful if you could probably assist us in understanding what may be done so that she can succeed in working with matlab which she needs for her reseasrch.

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Gyan Vaibhav
Gyan Vaibhav il 12 Mar 2024
Hi Sharon,
The behaviour you have explained above, is quite unique. However, since you mentioned it fails during the download every time, you can try the following:
  1. You can go ahead and try downloading the complete package (ISO or DMG), and then try doing the install. I guess the network issues can be safely avoided using this.
  2. In case this doesn't resolve your issue, you can try an offline install for MATLAB. Please follow the instructions on the following link.
Hope this resolves your issue.


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