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Shadows in 3d simulation

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Sjoerd Quist
Sjoerd Quist il 7 Mar 2024
Risposto: Sarthak il 18 Apr 2024
Right now I'm making a simulation in which I drop an onion. I want to process the images taken by cameras. However, I am having trouble with shadows because the sun only shines on one side in the simulation environment. Is there a possibility to add a second sun or a second light source? When I check the box 'overide scene wheather' in my 3D scene configuration, my simulation crashes every time and I get a fatal error. I hope someone can help me
This is the error i get when i override the weather scene configuration and run the simulation:
Error:MATLAB System block 'TestopstellingSimulinkV4/Simulation 3D Scene Configuration/Simulation 3D Engine' error occurred when invoking 'resetImpl' method of 'Simulation3DEngine'. The error was thrown from ' 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2023b\toolbox\shared\sim3dblks\sim3dblks\Simulation3DEngine.p' at line 0 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2023b\toolbox\simulink\ui\studio\config\m\+SLStudio\StartPauseContinue.p' at line 0 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2023b\toolbox\simulink\ui\studio\config\m\+SLStudio\ToolBars.p' at line 0'. Caused by: 3D Simulation engine was terminated by the user (error code: 4).

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Sarthak il 18 Apr 2024
Hey Sjoerd,
As per my understanding I think you should be able to add multiple light sources. Maybe using the 'position' argument while creating your light object would help. Please refer to the documentation below:
The error you mentioned is usually driven by improper setup. If this is setup correctly, I would suggest making sure MATLAB is on its latest release.
You can reach out to MathWorks Technical Support if you are still facing this error


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