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Typo in the nufft (R2024a) documentation?

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The Mathlab documentation is so well developed, instructive and helpful. I am trying to learn and use the nufft, reproducing the documentation examples one by one.
Is there a typo in the section "Nonuniform Sample Points With Time and Frequency Scaling"?
Should the graph following the text on the documentation show X(t) instead of S(t)?
S = 2*sin(2*pi*0.4*t) + sin(2*pi*2*t); % Signal with peak frequencies at 0.4 Hz and 2 Hz
X = S + rand(size(t));
xlabel("t (seconds)")

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Paul il 10 Mar 2024
Hi Ana,
Yes, either the plot command was intended for X or the ylabel is wrong. In the context of that example, I suspect they meant to have
But, having said that, the previous example on that page also plots S (without any labels), so maybe the mean to always plot the uncorrupted signal.
If you click on a star a the bottom of the page under "How useful was this information?" I'm pretty sure you'll get a pop-up box in which you can provide further feedback about that doc page.
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Ana Egatz-Gomez
Ana Egatz-Gomez il 10 Mar 2024
Thanks Paul. I have never paid attention to the how useful star, probably a better way to provide feedback.

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