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How to initialize the machine using powergui for Kundur two area system with induction motor load in area 2?

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I am carrying out the small signal stability of Kundur two area system with induction motor load at area 2 and constant impedance load at area 1. When I used constant impedance load at both area 1 and area 2, the machine initialization and load flow anlysis from powergui works perfectly and gives the answer as aspected. But when I change the load in area 2 with induction motor (asynchronous machine), the machine cannot be initialize ( Error message: unable to find machine initial conditions for parameters you specified in the machine initialization tool) and load flow cannot converge in 50 iteration (Error message: Load flow data error! The load flow did not converge in 50 iterations).
Any solution for above issues?

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Sarthak il 18 Apr 2024
Hello Sonam,
For the first error while using the induction motor, I would recommend you to check that the motor parameters are consistent with the system. I would also recommend you testing out different solvers. It is a common resolution for such errors.
For the load flow data error, this issue is occurring because the number of iterations required to converge is more than the max iterations limit defined in “powergui” block.
Please follow the steps mentioned below to resolve this problem:
  1. Open the powergui block and make sure the “Simulation type” is discrete.
  2. Navigate to “Preferences” tab.
  3. Expand solver details for nonlinear elements.
  4. Enter a large value in the Maximum number of iterations.
Please refer to the documentation attached below for more information.
I would highly recommend you to go through the following MATLAB Answer which addresses the same issue as well:
I hope this resolves your issue.


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