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How do I prevent sldrtkernel -install from hanging?

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Jay il 18 Mar 2024
Risposto: Jan Houska il 19 Mar 2024
I installed the Simulink Desktop Real Time kernel with R2021b. Later, I installed Matlab R2023a and found that I needed to update the Simulink Desktop Real Time kernel version. However, when I ran sldrtkernel -setup it remained busy and would not return to a command prompt (over half an hour). I had to manually end the Matlab processes. The same thing happens if I run sldrtkernel -install or sldrtkernel -uninstall.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 19 Mar 2024
Hi Jay,
it is possible that the real-time kernel service is busy communicating with another process which prevents it from being updated. So please try to run the kernel installation immediately after machine reboot and the first thing after you start MATLAB. If this does not help, please ask again here for additional troubleshooting steps. Or you may prefer to contact MathWorks technical support.
Good Luck, Jan


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