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function calling in Matlab visualization in ThingSpeak

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How to call a function in matlab visualization?

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Hassaan il 19 Mar 2024
Modificato: Hassaan il 19 Mar 2024
% Main script for MATLAB Visualization
% This could be any code that reads and processes data from your ThingSpeak channel
% Example: Calculate the mean of a field and then call a custom function
data = thingSpeakRead(ChannelID, 'Fields', FieldID, 'NumPoints', 10);
meanValue = mean(data);
result = myCustomFunction(meanValue);
% Display or plot your result here
% Define your custom function at the end of the script
function out = myCustomFunction(input)
% Example function that simply doubles the input value
out = input * 2;
  • The script begins by reading data from a ThingSpeak channel using thingSpeakRead.
  • It calculates the mean of this data.
  • Then, it calls myCustomFunction, which is defined later in the script.
  • myCustomFunction takes a single input (in this case, the mean value calculated) and returns the input multiplied by 2.
  • The result of this function call is then displayed or can be used for further processing or visualization within ThingSpeak.
When writing MATLAB code for ThingSpeak:
  • Ensure all functions used are defined within the same script, as external files or toolboxes might not be accessible.
  • Test your script in MATLAB or ThingSpeak to ensure compatibility and correct execution.
  • Utilize ThingSpeak-supported MATLAB functions and features, as not all MATLAB functionalities may be available or behave identically on ThingSpeak.
If you find the solution helpful and it resolves your issue, it would be greatly appreciated if you could accept the answer. Also, leaving an upvote and a comment are also wonderful ways to provide feedback.
It's important to note that the advice and code are based on limited information and meant for educational purposes. Users should verify and adapt the code to their specific needs, ensuring compatibility and adherence to ethical standards.
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Tanusree il 11 Apr 2024
Thanks for the response. But I would like to save my several functions once and use them in all my visualizations (as we would do it in every local Matlab program). However, I didn't find any way to do this on Thingspeak. My workaround is to copy+paste all my functions and parameters in every visualization code. This works, but it is not nice.


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