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If statements and strcmp function

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Spaceman il 21 Mar 2024
Commentato: Spaceman il 21 Mar 2024
Given: strcmp = matching case, strcmpi=ignoring case
Find: Prompt user to enter an angle; prompt user to determine if the angle was provided in degrees or radians; write an if statement that calculates the sine of the angle using the sin function if the units were in radians or sind if the units were degrees.
Issue: I created a flow chart, wrote my code, but it's not giving me what I want, grrrrr. Shows the same output for degrees and radians.
My solution:
angle=input('Enter an angle: ');
units=input('Is it in degrees or radians? ','s');
if sin(angle) % if 45 degrees should be 0.0123413415 radians
fprintf('The sine of your angle is %3.1f %s.\n',sin(angle),units)
elseif sind(angle) % if 45 degrees should be sqrt(2)/2=0.7071
fprintf('The sine of your angle is %3.1f %s.\n',sind(angle),units)

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Hassaan il 21 Mar 2024
angle = input('Enter an angle: ');
units = input('Is it in degrees or radians? ', 's');
% Normalize the case of the user input for units to ensure case-insensitive comparison
units = lower(units);
% Compare the input string for units and compute the sine accordingly
if strcmp(units, 'radians')
% User specified radians, use sin function
result = sin(angle);
fprintf('The sine of your angle in radians is %.4f.\n', result);
elseif strcmp(units, 'degrees')
% User specified degrees, use sind function
result = sind(angle);
fprintf('The sine of your angle in degrees is %.4f.\n', result);
% Handle unexpected unit input
fprintf('Unknown units. Please specify "degrees" or "radians".\n');
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Spaceman il 21 Mar 2024
Eureka! I especially like how you normalized with the lower function so that it wasn't going to be messed up by capitalizing something on accident and also including the else line to handle unexpected unit input, like someone entering fart instead of degrees. Thank you.

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