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Plot the same data once normalized values on the left y-axis and once with units on the right ; the same for bottom and top x-axis

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I want to plot the same data once with normalized values on the left y-axis and once with units (GW) on the right ; the same for bottom and top x-axis. I tried the code below based on research in Matlab answers, but it does not work (I include the error I am getting below). Also, I want to have the same for x axis too, but I do not know how to implement the yyaxis for the x axis. Could you help me please? Thanks.
c=[2.88 1.27 100780000.00 44526000.00
2.88 1.27 100860000.00 44561000.00
2.89 1.28 100940000.00 44599000.00
2.93 1.16 102320000.00 40641000.00
2.93 1.16 102400000.00 40673000.00
2.87 1.40 100200000.00 48844000.00
2.87 1.40 100280000.00 48886000.00
2.87 1.40 100360000.00 48924000.00
2.87 1.40 100440000.00 48963000.00
2.88 1.40 100520000.00 49001000.00];
yyaxis left
set(gca, 'YLim', [min(sn), max(sn)]) % #important
yyaxis right
set(gca,'YTick',s, 'YLim', [min(s), max(s)]) % #important
ylabel('PS GW');
% go back to left axes (main axes)
yyaxis left
grid on;
xlabel('Pw Normalized');
ylabel('PS Normalized');
I am getting this error below. However if I sort the order then it will not be the same vector.
Error using
Value must be a numeric vector whose values increase.
Error in TwoTwoNewRevApplast (line 27)
set(gca,'YTick',s, 'YLim', [min(s), max(s)]) % #important

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Hassaan il 21 Mar 2024
Modificato: Hassaan il 21 Mar 2024
% Sample Data
c = [2.88 1.27 100780000.00 44526000.00; 2.88 1.27 100860000.00 44561000.00; 2.89 1.28 100940000.00 44599000.00; 2.93 1.16 102320000.00 40641000.00; 2.93 1.16 102400000.00 40673000.00; 2.87 1.40 100200000.00 48844000.00; 2.87 1.40 100280000.00 48886000.00; 2.87 1.40 100360000.00 48924000.00; 2.87 1.40 100440000.00 48963000.00; 2.88 1.40 100520000.00 49001000.00];
wn = c(:,1);
sn = c(:,2);
w = c(:,3)/1e6; % Convert to GW for illustration
s = c(:,4)/1e6; % Convert to GW for illustration
% Normalizing data for illustration
wn_norm = (wn - min(wn)) / (max(wn) - min(wn));
sn_norm = (sn - min(sn)) / (max(sn) - min(sn));
% Assuming wn and w are your original x-data and the converted scale you wish to display.
yyaxis left
plot(wn, sn_norm, '-ok'); % Plot normalized data vs. original x-data
ylabel('Normalized PS');
yyaxis right
plot(wn, s, '-.xr'); % Plot original units data vs. original x-data
ylabel('PS (GW)');
grid on;
title('Dual Y-axis Example');
% Creating a top X-axis for a different scale or unit representation
ax1 = gca; % Get the current (left) axes
ax1_pos = ax1.Position; % Get the position of the original axes for alignment
% Create a new axes for the top X-axis
ax2 = axes('Position', ax1_pos, 'XAxisLocation', 'top', 'Color', 'none', 'YTick', [], 'YColor', 'none');
% Set the limits of the new axes to match the original
ax2.XLim = ax1.XLim;
% Assumming wn represents the x-data. For the top X-axis, we want to display
% One approach can be to use linspace to generate ticks over the range of wn
numTicks = 5; % Example: Number of ticks you want
newTicks = linspace(min(wn), max(wn), numTicks);
ax2.XTick = newTicks;
% Assuming 'w' contains the data in the transformed scale or units we want to display,
% calculate a representative set of labels based on the new tick positions
% A simplistic approximation and should be adjusted according to needs
newLabels = linspace(min(w), max(w), numTicks);
ax2.XTickLabel = arrayfun(@num2str, newLabels, 'UniformOutput', false);
xlabel(ax2, 'Transformed Scale or Units');
% Ensuring the left y-axis (yyaxis left) is active for further interactions
axes(ax1); % Makes the left y-axis active
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Katerina F
Katerina F il 21 Mar 2024
Modificato: Katerina F il 21 Mar 2024
Thanks. I think I should clarify.
What I want to plot is already there in my code, no need for conversions because are already converted. I want to plot the vector sn versus wn in y and x axis in correspondance and the vector s versus w in the secondary y axis (right) and on the secondary x axis (top). But they are the same data, that is there should be just one line in the end not two.

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