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How To convert .tiff stck to STL for Shape analysis.

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I have processed Dicom Images to Tiff slices. Now I want to create STL file using those .tiff slices for shape analysis of stone.I got this STL using python but I want to do with any matlab function because for shape analysis I am using matlab function. I have attached .tiff slices of stone.

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Poorna il 7 Apr 2024
Hi Saurav,
I see you want to convert your TIFF stack to STL for shape analysis. In order to export a TIFF stack to STL you need to first create a triangulation object from the TIFF stack. You can use the "isosurface" function to first extract the faces and vertices values of the images read from .tif files. Using these as inputs, you can use the "triangulation" function to create a triangulation object. Finally, you can use the "stlwrite" function to export this triangulation object to .stl format.
Refer to the below MATLAB Answer which addresses the similar problem of exporting to .stl format:
To know more about the above functions, refer to the following documentation:
Hope this Helps!
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Haoqing Yang
Haoqing Yang il 7 Apr 2024
Nice answer, I am also wrting stl from tif, but I only have one binary tif image, and the depth is actually the same for the same valued pixel. How can I convert the file?
Haoqing Yang
Haoqing Yang il 7 Apr 2024
This is like a staight extrudion function in any CAD software.

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